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Anvil Hack III Info Pack

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Best Audio Hack Make a cool project doing something interesting using sound
Best Hardware Hack Make a cool project building or using hardware
Best Visual Hack Make a cool project showcasing awesome visuals
Spotify Build Music Hacks with the Spotify Platform
Twilio Best use of Twilio's tools
Autodesk Best use of Autodesk's tools
MLH Best use of AWS, best domain from, best hack to reduce online harassment
.tech Domains Best domain from .tech Domains. Note: go here and use code

Uncomfortable? Speak to:

Days - Kevin Lewis (MLH)

Days - Nathaniel Okenwa (Hacksmiths)

Nights - Yuvesh Tulsiani (Hacksmiths)

Contact all Hacksmiths in case of incident - [email protected] or 03333442641

Contact Major League Hacking in case of incident - [email protected] or 08008085675

Need technical Help? Check out our awesome Mentors

Mlh hardware lab color

The MLH Hardware Lab contains the latest and greatest hardware gadgets for you to use at Anvil Hack III. You can borrow these devices to learn about them and use them in your projects

Click Here to get some hardwware

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